Neighborhoods with style...                     

Chapel Hill Estates        RSM Development Irondequoit Bay
♦Chapel Hill Estates
RSM Development welcomes you to Chapel Hill Estates where you will find distinctive elegance blended with gracious country living!

  ♦Dorchester Park♦
Dorchester Park offers your true dream home.Combining gorgeous features for customizing your home to accommodate your life style!

RSM Development Dorchester Park
  ♦The Drumlins♦
Our beautiful new townhouse community conveniently located near Victor Village!

RSM Development The Drumlins
  Irondequoit Bay
Coming soon centrally located just minutes almost  from anywhere in Rochester serene Condominiums!

RSM Development Irondequoit Bay


♦Ellison Heights♦
                             Ellision Heights has what you want if you're looking for ease in day to day life! With first floor living and low maintenance!
RSM Development Ellison Heights